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Commercial Pilot Training

Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot Training

The Commercial Pilot's Certificate is your gateway to a professional career in aviation. With a Commercial Pilot's Certificate, you will be free to earn money as a pilot as well as undertake further training to add to your qualifications.

You'll be able to pursue the job in aviation that you've always dreamed possible. Whether it's working for the airlines, a charter company and a flying school or in agriculture, a Commercial Pilot's Certificate will be essential.


To obtain the aeronautical knowledge and flight proficiency required to pass the FAA Commercial Pilot Airplane Single-Engine Land practical exam.


Be at least 18 years of age and able to read, speak, and understand the English Language; hold a private or instrument pilot certificate and a second-class medical certificate; have at least 190 hours of pilot flight time that includes 55 hours of training to include 5 hours of instrument training, 10 hours of training in a complex airplane, 20 hours of cross-country training; have at least 65 hours of solo flight in a singe-engine airplane that includes at least 7 hours of night solo, 35 hours of day cross-country Pilot-in-Command (PIC) and 4 hours of night cross-country PIC.

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Course Overview:

Complete preflight and post-flight inspections and airplane servicing, and cross-country flight planning procedures. Conduct airport operations and navigation, slow flight and stall recoveries, ground reference maneuvers and normal, crosswind and maximum takeoffs and landings; perform complex airplane operations to include normal and emergency procedures; prepare and pass check ride.

Note: Completion times are based on Part 141 FAA minimum instrument training requirements. Applicants may require additional training time depending on their preparation and progress.