FAA PART 141 Courses


A Private Pilot License allows a pilot to fly a single-engine airplane under visual flight rules (VFR), which require at least three miles of visibility, as well as at night. A private pilot may transport passengers but is not compensated for doing so, though the pilot may split operating costs with the passengers.


After earning your private pilot license, you can start training for this to learn how to fly in the clouds. You can fly through the clouds while following IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) without using the ground or horizon as a reference point and will not be restricted to VFR (Visual Flight Rules).


The Commercial Pilot Certificate consolidates skills learned during private pilot and instrument training and allows an aviator to fly passengers or cargo for hire. As a commercial pilot, you gain a deeper understanding of a wide range of topics, including aerodynamics, aircraft performance, aircraft envelope control, and human factors. You will also gain a much better understanding of the regulatory framework that governs our profession as pilots. You will improve your knowledge and skills to those of professional pilot standards.

Multi Engine Rating

The multi-engine aircraft rating is available for private pilot certificate holders, commercial pilots, and airline pilots. Without this rating, pilots are limited to only flying single engine aircraft, which significantly lowers the chances of employment as most aviation corporations fly multi-engine aircraft. It is possible to obtain a rating for a commercial multi engine add on – this is a rating that must be added to the existing commercial certificate for one engine.

Certified Flight Instructor

Flight instructor school basic certificate, which allows to carry out ground classes and perform training flights. This type of certificate requires at least 30 hours of ground school and 15 hours of flight training from the right seat, including the spin endorsement.

Certified Flight Instrument Instructor

Flight instructor with Instrument Rating. This certificate allows its owner to prepare students in full in accordance with the “Private Aircraft Pilot”, “Instrument Rating”, and “Commercial Aircraft Pilot” programs

Certified Multi Engine Instructor

Flight instructor with permission to train students for multi engine instructor rating in accordance with our “Multi-Engine Rating Program”.