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Flight Training

Flight Training

The Introductory Flight Lesson

Many people have an interest in flying and would like to find out what it’s all about. For this reason NS Aviation offers the Introductory Flight Lesson, which gives us the opportunity to discuss our training program and take you on your first flight lesson. The Introductory Flight is an effective way to learn about flying at a reduced cost and to have your questions about flight training answered. Call 954-964-1276 for an appointment; you will not regret it!

Part 141 Accredited Flight School

NS Aviation is authorized to conduct training under either FAA Part 61 or Part 141 regulations. Due to the higher standards required to train under Part 141, NS Aviation can complete certificates and ratings in fewer hours than under Part 61. For example, the commercial pilot certificate requires 190 hours of flight time under Part 141 while Part 61 requires 250 hours.

As a Part 141 flight school, NS Aviation is approved to provide flight training to US military Veterans eligible to receive Veterans Administration Education benefits. We are also authorized to process I-20 applications for the M-1 visa, which is required by International Students training in the US.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Registration

Prior to start training applicants need to register with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). For information on TSA registration refer to TSA Authorization.

Certificates and Ratings that can be obtained at NS Aviation

Note: Each certificate (except for the Student Pilot Certificate) requires a flight test.

Student Pilot Certificate

You are a student pilot from the time you begin your fist lesson until you obtain your private Pilot Certificate. As a student pilot, you are under the supervision and guidance of your Instructor.

Private Certificate

This certificate will allow you to fly throughout the United States (and other countries with certain restrictions) with passengers, day or night. You cannot fly for compensation or hire, or when the weather does not satisfy certain minimum conditions.

Instrument Rating

The Instrument Rating will enable you to fly through the clouds and low visibility. Aside from allowing you to fly more often, this rating will give you a better insight into the airspace system and will greatly improve your flying proficiency.

Commercial Certificate

This certificate allows a pilot to fly for compensation or hire. To obtain the Commercial Certificate, you must pass an additional knowledge exam and perform a number of maneuvers that display your skill in handling and aircraft.

Multi-Engine Rating

This rating allows you to fly planes with two or more engines. The Private and Commercial certificates are divided into two categories – single and multi-engine. NS Aviation offers a Piper Arrow and a Twin Comanche aircraft for single engine commercial and multi-engine training respectively.

Flight Instructor Certification Courses

There are three separate instructor certificates that cover all categories of flying. Pilots usually obtain these certificates in the following order:

  • Certificated Flight Instructor – Airplane (CFI-A): Allows you to teach students who wish to obtain their Private Pilot certificate and pilots seeking their Commercial certificate.
  • Certificated Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFI-I): Allows you to teach pilots who want to obtain their instrument rating.
  • Certificated Multi-engine Instructor (MEI): Allows you to teach pilots interested in obtaining their multi-engine rating.
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate

The ATP certificate is necessary to be a captain for hire in an air carrier operation or certain corporate positions.