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International Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect while attending your flight school?

Once you are in the US you are considered a full time student pilot. Learning to fly involves developing highly coordinated eye-to-hand skills and building a solid base of aviation-related information. To maximize your learning experience plan to be at the flight school with your instructor 18-to-22 hours a week. You can expect to:

  • Be scheduled 5-to-6 days a week for ground school and to fly 2-to-3 hours a day
  • Study local area and flight procedures two hours for every hour of flight time
  • Devote four hours a day preparing for FAA online tests, completing instructor work assignments, and accomplishing other tasks related to your training



2. Do my flight training costs include housing?

No. Room and board are not included in the cost of flight training.

3. If housing is NOT included will you help me find housing?

Yes. Our pilot candidates have a wide range of housing requirements. Some are here for a short time and require a hotel room. Others are here for a longer period of time and need more permanent accommodations, such as a shared apartment or a place of their own. An internet search may assist you in obtaining adequate housing.

4. What about transportation to and from my lessons?

Students with nearby accommodations can walk or ride a bicycle to the flight school. Some students choose to purchase a car and carpool. At this time NS Aviation does not provide transportation to-and-from the school.

5. Are the prices guaranteed not to change?

NS Aviation reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. Due to increasing operating costs, we do not guarantee our prices, which are estimates based on the average number of hours a fulltime student takes to complete various stages of training. Individual circumstances may vary.

Some students complete their training in less time than the estimates, some in more. Our goal is to give you substantial value for your training dollar. We do NOT train you beyond what you need, but we DO train you until you have achieved the standards we expect and require.

6. Can an International Student obtain flight training loans in the US?

No. The only non-US students able to obtain flight training loans are those who hold permanent resident visas and have a US Social Security number.

7. While I'm training, can I work in the US to defray the cost of my training?

No. The M-1 visa does not authorize a student to work in the US while in flight training. Students who come to NS Aviation MUST show proof of financial capability PRIOR to starting their flight training.

8. Once I finish training, will you hire me as a Flight Instructor?

Very unlikely. Students finishing their flight training MUST depart the US shortly thereafter. If a student obtains permanent US residency, without seeking NS Aviation's assistance in doing so, then we may consider your application as Flight Instructor.

9. Can I obtain medical coverage? Is it included in my flight training costs?

Medical coverage is NOT included in flight training costs. Often a student may obtain medical coverage through his home-country's medical plan or through his travel agent. An internet search may be your best option to find adequate medical coverage.

10. How is the scheduling done at NS Aviation?

Scheduling is done through our dispatch desk. You will coordinate with your instructor to ensure the appropriate scheduling is done according to your training phase, aircraft availability, etc.

11. I'm in the country on H1-B or F1, or similar visa. Can I do flight training on my current visa?

You may ONLY train on an M-1 visa. See our international student’s page. If you are in the US on some other visa, you MUST exit the country and re-enter on an M-1 visa. We can assist you with this process.

12. Do you have somebody on staff that can help me with other questions?

We welcome student inquiries, and look forward to assist you in whatever way possible to the best of our ability.