Multi-Engine Airplane Rating Training Program


Multi-Engine Airplane Rating Training Program


To obtain the aeronautical knowledge and flight proficiency required to add a Multi-Engine Land (MEL) rating to a Private or Commercial certificate.


Pilot and current medical certificates; to show by written record and through practical application the required knowledge and skill to operate a multi-engine aircraft in accordance with applicable FAR’s.

Course Overview:

The course consists of ground instruction and dual flight training phases using a Piper Twin Comanche aircraft. The ground instruction phase covers aerodynamic factors affecting MEL flight to include engine-out operations as well as performance, weight-and-balance, and systems applicable to MEL aircraft. The dual flight instruction phase covers normal ground and in-flight MEL operations to include instrument approaches, if needed, as well as emergency and abnormal procedures applicable to MEL aircraft.

Training Description:

Ground training consists of five hours of instruction that covers aerodynamics of multi-engine operations, performance and weight-and-balance, and aircraft systems.

The Flight Training consists of a minimum of eight flights, totaling 15 hours of instruction that include preflight briefings and post-flight debriefings, and check ride. Lessons consist of takeoffs and landings, go-around/missed approaches, slow flight and stall prevention, normal and emergency procedures, and instrument approaches.

Note: Completion times are based on Part 61 FAA minimum instrument training requirements. Applicants may require additional training time depending on their preparation and progress.

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