Recurrent Training

Recurrent Training

We have the programs, the teaching professionals, the facilities and the training tools to help you be as good as a pilot as you need and want to be.

Being a certificated pilot is an on-going process of maintaining and developing your piloting skills. NS Aviation offers a number of programs aimed at teaching new procedures, reviewing old skills, and reacquainting you with aircraft systems and emergency procedures. Each program is designed to raise your comfort level with the way you fly and the aircraft you fly.

Whether you need a flight review or an instrument proficiency check, training to meet insurance company requirements, or just want to sharpen your skills we have the training programs, the teaching professionals, the facilities and most modern equipment at North Perry airport. Whether you are looking for IFR or VFR recurrent training in “all glass,” Technically Advanced Aircraft or “steam gauges” equipped single or multi-engine aircraft, we have a program or will tailor one to fit your requirements.

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