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As a student pilot missing my lessons while on a business trip, I was disappointed until I found NS Aviation! I was able to familiarize myself with a different aircraft, log an hour in my logbook and see Florida from the air! My CFI was excellent. He walked me through pre-flight, helped me with the radio calls, and wasn't grabby on the controls. I had a great time and highly recommend NS Aviation! If you get the chance to work with them you won't regret it! Amy Reveal Howard, Beavercreek, Ohio

CFI training with Nick Schillen at NS Aviation was an incommensurable experience. Nick organizes his lessons in a manner that effectively uses your flight and ground time. You will learn to fly and teach from the right seat safely, with confidence and in a very short time. After each lesson is debriefed, you will be amazed at how much you have accomplished.

I hope this short note serves to convey my gratitude to Nick Schillen and NS Aviation for understanding my goals and collaborating to facilitate obtaining my Certificated Flight Instructor certificate. Thanks. Juan Arcia

Thank you - we all enjoyed the experience enormously, and Edward will definitely be back again next time we are in Fort Lauderdale. Everything went very smoothly - you run a very sound operation! No negative feedback whatsoever, only positive! Elizabeth Davies, Paris, France

Dear Nick, I would like to thank you, Scott Smith and the rest of the staff at NS Aviation for their skill, expertise and flexibility with their time to prepare Elliott for his Private Pilot Rating. It is an experience he will treasure for a lifetime. Jim Upp, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I want to thank Nick Schillen and his staff for all the help they gave me during my professional pilot training course at NS Aviation. From my first contact with Nick Schillen from my country asking for information about the course until I completed my training the treatment I received was excellent. The NS Aviation staff assisted me 100% starting with the details of obtaining my student visa until the successful completion of my training.

I began my flight training at NS Aviation with no flying experience whatsoever. In one year I completed the training for my private, instrument, commercial and multi-engine certificates and ratings. All the training was accomplished as Nick said it would from the start until the end to include the required flight hours and total course cost.

Again I thank NS Aviation for making it possible for me to achieve my goal of becoming a commercial pilot.Luis Guerra, Caracas, Venezuela

My training at NS Aviation was one of the best experiences I ever had in my life. Every day I went to school I felt welcome with open arms; I felt I was back at home. The instructors always made it happen for me. I learned from each instructor. But the boss, the mentor Mr. Nick Schillen, he made sure I always knew I would turn out to be a great pilot. Scott, aka Mr. Baseball Star, my multi engine instructor, he made sure I got everything down pat. Edwin, my private instructor, taught me how to fly an aircraft; he is a good teacher. Santi, aka Lil Man, thank you! You showed me how to fly approaches. Nico, my friend, I enjoyed the training in the Piper Arrow; you made sure I got my commercial license and I thank you for that. Danny, aka Lil Man Number 2, we always had good times in the office on Sundays. If I had to go to any flight school or recommend a flight school away from home, NS is my choice. I thank you all for the flight lessons you taught me; they were lessons of life. Keith Hepburn, Jr., Nassau, Bahamas

I just wanted to thank you again for all you did in training me to get my instrument rating. And obviously for the patience of these past years where I could not progress at the pace you or I would have liked. Nevertheless this gave us much more time to fly together and spend many, many very pleasant hours in the air. Thank you. Axel Grau, Weston, Florida

Thank you for your email. I am happy that I chose NS aviation for my training and I couldn't ask for a better flight instructor than Scott. Darren Gibson, Jamaica

I need to say thank you for everything, for choosing the right instructor. for helping me to find a place and giving me attention and tips I hoped to find in this little adventure that is learning to fly in this side of the world; I feel better than home. Franco Di Francesco, Rome, Italy

Having begun my training in Canada, I presented a unique challenge to Nick Schillen, CFI and owner of NS Aviation. I came to him with about 60% of my training done, and told him that I needed to finish in 3 1/2 months. I was coming back and forth from Toronto to Ft Lauderdale for about a week each month, so time was limited. We had to satisfy a number of FAA and TSA requirements before I could start, and Nick helped me through them. NS Aviation is, by the way, a TSA authorized fingerprint agent, which makes that part simple. Nick assigned Santiago Giraldo as my instructor and I quickly learned the "American" way to fly. In the end, I flew on a daily basis working to hone my skills and cramming to pass my tests. I am in my 50's, so it's been a long time since I was in a classroom, but with the entire team at NS Aviation on board, I completed my training and took my test the day before I left Florida for the season. My accelerated schedule meant that I did my US solo on Wednesday, my long cross country on Thursday (along with a pre-test!) and tested on Friday. I passed and received my license! This has been the culmination of a life long dream for me. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a pilot, but work, family and other concerns held me back. I'm now enjoying the freedom of flight and it's been incredible! Thank you Nick and NS Aviation! Stan Greenspan, Toronto, Canada

It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend NS Aviation for personal flight training. As an experienced airline pilot and an aircraft owner, I sought the best possible school for my 16-year old son. I considered all the local flight schools, each local airport, and each school's fleet of aircraft. NS Aviation offered the best in every category!

As a "Part 141" Flight School, NS Aviation meets the FAA's higher standards. Perry Airport is a tower-controlled airport with a small-town feel (busier fields will simply cost the student more $$ due to longer takeoff wait times) yet this airport is located close enough to several busier fields which can be flown to once a student is ready. Best of all, NS Aviation's staff is experienced and extremely friendly! They provide the "personal touch" in a family-like atmosphere that is geared to teaching and learning. The school is well-equipped to provide ground instruction and uses a flight simulator to reinforce good habits. They also have a pilot shop!

NS Aviation has a fleet of Cessna 172 aircraft (including G-1000 equipped!), an Arrow II for complex flight training, and a twin-engine Seneca II for that multi-engine rating. Take it from a "pro" - don't waste your money elsewhere! Go see "Nick" – he will take good care of you and will see to it that you are taught right at a fair price!

I felt very comfortable knowing that my young son, Alex, was in good hands. He soloed at age 16 and just recently got his Private Pilot license at the minimum age of 17!

I am looking forward to my son's advanced flight training with NS Aviation. My sincere thanks to Nick Schillen, Alex's instructor Scott Smith, and the entire NS Aviation staff (too many to mention!).

NS Aviation is truly the best! Manny Camacho (United Airlines pilot - Boeing 777)