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NS Aviation Uniform

NS Aviation students enrolled in the Professional Pilot program (Private. Instrument, Commercial and Multiengine training) are required to wear the NS Aviation uniform when they are participating in ground and flight instruction to include SOLO flights.

For students not enrolled in the Professional Pilot program the wear of the NS Aviation uniform is optional.

The NS Aviation uniform consists of:

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  1. White shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve) with company logo
  2. Epaulets according to the course they are taking
  3. Name tag
  4. Pilot Wings upon completion of the NS Aviation Private Pilot course
  5. Black pants, black belt, black tie (required for long sleeve shirt), black shoes and black socks
  6. NS Aviation cap (optional)

Uniform package includes two white shirts, three epaulets, pilot wings and name tag. The fee for uniforms is $200 payable when student initially enrolls in the Professional Pilot program. Students must provide their own black shoes, black socks, black pants, black belt and black tie.