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For those students interested in attending traditional classroom courses, our Ground Schools provide all the information needed to meet the FAA required ground training for the private pilot certificate and instrument rating. They also help students prepare for their Private and Instrument Pilots Knowledge exams. These courses are offered throughout the year. And, as an added value, participants may repeat any lesson or retake the complete course as many times as they wish after paying their initial enrollment fee.

At NS Aviation we do more than just teach students to fly. We organize Fly-Away Flights as a venue for social interaction among our clients, family and friends. Fly-away flights also provide student pilots an excellent opportunity to practice the navigation skills they will use once they earn their private pilot wings.

Our monthly Learn-2-Fly Seminar educates aviation enthusiasts interested in finding out more about learning to fly and becoming private pilots. This is a no obligation, absolutely free, fast paced and very entertaining class. Participants receive useful information as the presenter answers questions about the flight training process.

Sun-and-Fun Fly Away

Sun-and-Fun Fly Away